Maine Wildlife Photography

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Father's Day Bear 6-17-12


Was down off the Stud Mill Rd again and saw this guy. I watched him forage for about a half hour untill he finally got down wind of me. It's a good size bear, been doing some rubbing. The other side is just the same. He also walks with a gimp. He has a problem with his front left paw, maybe from a trap or a fight. I couldn't see it very well. I saw another bear, but he had seen me too, I was in the truck at the time. Saw two moose, numerous rabbits, partridge and chicks, turkeys and chicks. So a pretty good few hours.

11 Bear 7 Moose 5-6-12

Baby Bear

Sounds like a sports score, but it was a phenomenal day of sighting wildlife! The Stud Mill Road "Corridor" offers a unique opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts of all pursuits.
This little guy and his two siblings headed up a tree when I drove by. Momma was back in the woods about 50 yards and didn't seem to have a problem with me getting some pics, but I tried to not over stay my welcome.
I saw four two year olds together first. They didn't stick around long, although one went up a tree for a couple minutes, then thought better of it and came down. To quick for pics! I saw one foraging along the road side, but he saw me before I could get the camera focused. The other two I saw from my perch on the powerline. One was a hundred yards in one direction the other was 300 yards in the other. I also saw two of the moose from the powerline. When I went back to my truck to leave in the evening there were two other moose watching me from about forty yards.